Motorization range provides a variety of convenient yet affordable solutions for both domestic and commercial projects. Choose from the battery powered Magic Wand, the rechargeable Lithium motor with remote control operation or the powered AC motor.

Control your indoor blinds from a remote control, tablet or smartphone. With Somfy solutions, everything becomes easy!

Layer 101
  • No accessible cords provides peace of mind
  • Affordable price point
  • Familiar linear action which is easy to operate
  • Wand and rotating clutch provides safe and practical operation
    E.g.: Elderly homeowner operating a tall shade behind furniture
  • Allows for fine adjustment of shades including Sheer Elegance

Available In: Matte White / Matte Black / Matte Grey
Sizes: 24” / 36” / 48”

Child Safe Options

Touch Lift

Touch Lift spring to create the perfect cordless shade that can be raised and lowered with the lightest touch suitable with side channels. Pole available for tall windows

Layer 110

Cordless blinds give you the functionality and style of standard corded blinds, without the inconvenience of cords.

Cordless Roller With 3 Inch Deluxe Cassette

Cordless Open Roller Ceiling Mount

Adjust auto top & speed
Spring up
Pole available for tall windows

New 3” Square Cassette Colours

(Available with or without Insert)

3 Inch Sq Cassette Anodized

3 Inch Sq Cassette Black No Insert

3 Inch Sq Cassette Bronze

3 Inch Sq Cassette Cream

3 Inch Sq Cassette White